Kristin Van Damme

Kristin Van Damme is a research and teaching assistant at Ghent University, supporting the classes of professor Pieter Verdegem 'New Media Studies' and 'Media Structures and Media Policy'. She is affiliated with the research groups Media and ICT, iMinds and Center for Journalism Studies, where she is involved with user-oriented research on news consumption. A leitmotiv in her research is the change in media consumption patterns, driven by media convergence and alteration in media market players. Kristin is currently outlining her PhD research on trust in news media. In 2008 Kristin graduated as a Bachelor in Journalism at Artevelde University College Ghent. As an Erasmus student in Valencia, she followed extra courses of multimedia, photography and online journalism. In 2009 Kristin started working as a multimedia project member at KAHO Sint-Lieven, being responsible for video support, development of digital learning modules and ICT support for the teaching staff. After two years of work she decided to obtain her Masters in Communication Sciences (specialization 'New Media and Society') at Ghent University. In her master's thesis ‘What’s APPening to the news? News on mobile devices’ she did research on the role of mobile news in the daily life of media users. She hereby combined qualitative (interviews and diaries) with quantitative (on-device logging) research methods. During three months Kristin was an intern at MICT, working on the MIX-project Stream Store.


Academic Bibliography

Recent Publications

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Van Damme, K., Courtois, C., Verbrugge, K., & De Marez, L. (2015). What’s APPening to news? A mixed-method audience-centred study on mobile news consumption. Mobile Media & Communication, 3(2), 196-213. doi: 10.1177/2050157914557691