Whistle-blowing and the Right to Freedom of Expression and information under the European Human Rights System

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Bradley (Chelsea) Manning: sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for leaking
military information to Wikileaks and news media. Now appealing for a
presidential pardon in the US. Edward Snowden: on the run after having leaked
information about the NSA to news media. Now seeking asylum in Russia. Julian
Assange: hunted by US authorities as founder of Wikileaks that made public
millions of confidential or secret US documents. Now having found temporary
asylum and “locked up” in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. These are three well
known and actual examples of whistle-blowers being “hunted”, prosecuted  or
convicted under US law for leaking information or for bringing secret military
or diplomatic information under the public eye. Do the US authorities neglect
the interest of society in having abuse of power, military crimes and human
rights violations being brought under public scrutiny through media reporting?
Is the situation different in Europe?